Application processing times

Processing times for earnings-related allowance applications

Applications from those that are applying for daily allowance for the first time (so-called first applications) are processed in the order they arrive in and within 30 days of the date the Fund has received the application. Within this period, we will either give you a decision regarding your application or we will send you a request for additional information if, during processing, we notice that something is missing on your application, attachments, or the TE Office’s statement.

To speed up the processing of your application, please fill in your application with care according to the instructions on the application form and ensure that you have enclosed all the necessary attachments for processing. You can follow the current processing times for first applications on our home page. 

If you have received a request for additional information, we will give you a decision within 14 days of the requested information arriving at the Fund. If you do not send the requested information within the requested time frame, the Fund will give you a negative decision. Despite this, your application will be processed again automatically once you send the missing information to the Fund.

Processing times for other applications

You can fill in a follow-up application a few weeks after you have sent your first application, even if you have not received a decision regarding your first application yet. If possible, the Fund will process any follow-up applications at the same time as your first application. 

Once a decision has been given regarding the amount of your daily allowance, follow-up applications from entirely unemployed applicants will be processed so that the applicant receives their daily allowance by Friday of the following week. Follow-up applications should be filled in in 4-calendar week periods (Mon-Sun) retroactively.

Other follow-up applications (for instance adjused daily allowance or situations where the follow-up application is preceded by a few months of a fixed-term job) typically take longer to process than follow-up applications from entirely unemployed applicants. The processing may be delayed by an application that was poorly filled out or by missing additional information, such as missing pay slips concerning the application period or time between application periods. The same statutory 30-day processing time guarantee that is applied to first applications is also applied to adjusted daily allowance and other indirect follow-up applications. You can follow the current processing times for adjusted daily allowance applications on our home page.

We aim to process job alternation compensation applications and give a decision on the amount of job alternation compensation as close as possible to the first day of your job alternation leave. Because of this, the first payment of job alternation compensation is usually for a shorter period than the typical 4-week payment period. The last payment of job alternation compensation is also typically for a shorter period than 4 weeks.