Employment-promoting services

When you become unemployed, you have different options to improve your chances of becoming employed again. The TE Office may direct you towards an employment-promoting service, during which the Fund can pay you unemployment benefits. Employment-promoting services are:

  • coaching for job seeking
  • career coaching
  • trial (a work trial at a workplace or a study trial at an educational institution)
  • labor market training
  • independent studies supported by unemployment benefit
  • independent studies supported by integration allowance
  • rehabilitative work as defined in the Act on Rehabilitative Work

You can receive the same unemployment benefits during an employment-promoting service that you would be entitled to if you were unemployed. If you meet the criteria for receiving earnings-related daily allowance, you will get earnings-related daily allowance while participating in an employment-promoting service. In most cases, daily allowance can be paid with an increased earnings-related component and with a tax-exempt expense allowance during your employment-promoting service according to the TE Office’s statement.

Note! The TE Office always gives the Fund a statement concerning participation in a statutory employment-promoting service. If you participate in a service for which the TE Office does not give the Fund a statement, it is not a statutory employment-promoting service, and the increased earnings-related component and expense allowance will not be paid during the service.

Earnings-related daily allowance paid during an employment-promoting service use up the days in your 300/400/500-day maximum payment period. Unemployment benefit can be paid during an employment-promoting service despite a suspension period or waiting period.