Applying for adjusted earnings-related daily allowance

  1. Apply for adjusted daily allowance online or send the Fund an application by mail. If you have worked during your application period, report the hours you have worked on your application according to how you will be paid (for instance you should not report your unpaid lunch break as working time). You do not need to report working time regarding entrepreneurship. Fill in all the sections of the application with care. Filling out your application properly can speed up its processing time.
  2. Attach to your application:
    • a pay slip, pay certificate, or other proof of payment regarding any income you have been paid during the application period, even if the income is less than the exempt amount.
    • a copy of your employment contract if you are applying for adjusted daily allowance for the first time because of a part-time job or occasional work that you have started.
  3. Apply for adjusted daily allowance retroactively in a period of either 4 calendar weeks (Mon-Sun) or one month depending on your application period. Your application period for daily allowance should be the same as your pay cycle at work so that applying for daily allowance and sending the necessary attachments would be as easy as possible for you and there are no delays in payment. Please note that applications for adjusted daily allowance must be sent within 3 months of the period the application concerns, otherwise the application will be late.
  4. Inform the Fund of any changes that happen during your unemployment and that could affect your right to daily allowance such as work, income paid during your application period, entrepreneurship, studies, sick leave, or social benefits granted to your family. Report these changes on your application. If necessary, also inform the TE Office of relevant changes, such as work, entrepreneurship, studies, or sick leave.
  5. Remember to keep your status as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office active, despite part-time work or full-time work that lasts no longer than 2 weeks, so that you can apply for adjusted daily allowance.