The Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko is an organisation based on mutual responsibility. Erko pays out unemployment allowances and job alternation leave compensations to its members. The benefits paid out by the unemployment fund are proportioned to the individual’s earnings and they are deemed to be taxable income.


Erko has some 91 000 employee members. Most of them belong to Akava through their professional organisations. Akava is a trade union confederation for people with university, professional or other tertiary-level education. If you want to join Erko through an organisation please take direct contact to a suitable union.

It is also possible to join Erko as an individual member. At the moment Erko has some 6 000 individual members. Individual member’s membership fee for 2022 is 75,00 euros per year. If you want to join Erko as an individual member, please fill the membership application form and send it to Erko via e-mail, or by post to: Erko, Asemamiehenkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki.

Read more about unemployment fund’s membership and benefits from: The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (Tyj) and the Guide to Unemployment Fund’s membership and benefits 2022 (pdf). The guide is also available in Russian and in Estonian.

Daily allowance calculator

With the help of the daily allowance calculator you can calculate the estimated amount of your daily allowance.

Daily allowance table

With the help of the table of alternation compensation you can estimate the amount of your job alternation compensation.