Applying for earnings-related daily allowance

When you become unemployed, register as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office through their  E-service on your first day of unemployment (at the very latest). Remember to keep your status as a job seeker active. After about 2 weeks of unemployment, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance online or buy sending an earnings-related daily allowance application to the Fund. Fill out your application with care and attach the necessary attachments. By filling out the application as instructed you can speed up its processing time. 

Inform the Fund of any changes that happen during your unemployment and that could affect your right to daily allowance such as work, earned income, entrepreneurship, studies, sick leave, and social benefits granted to your family. Report these changes on your application. If necessary, also inform the TE Office of relevant changes, such as work, entrepreneurship, studies, or sick leave.

Application period

Apply for earnings-related daily allowance within 3 months of the period you are applying for. Applications more than 3 months old will be considered late and they will be rejected. 

You can apply for earnings-related daily allowance for the first time when you have been registered as an unemployed job seeker with the TE Office for at least 2 weeks. If your unemployment continues, apply for daily allowance with a follow-up application of either one month or 4 calendar weeks (Monday through Sunday). If you work part-time or have income from agricultural operations or other entrepreneurship, fill in your follow-up applications monthly. 

Your application period (4 calendar weeks or monthly) will stay the same even if you accept a full-time job that lasts at most 2 weeks or if you start an employment-promoting service agreed upon with the TE Office while unemployed.