Guidelines for e-Service

Using eService, which is provided over a strong security connection, you can submit your earnings-related allowance applications, update your contact information, monitor the status of your applications throughout the payment process, review any decisions made on your case, and contact the Unemployment Fund.

Logging in

You can log in to Erko’s eService by using authentication. identification is a shared identification service of public administration e-services, which is the responsibility of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The service enables secure electronic identification with the means of identification of your choice (online banking codes, mobile certificate or certificate card). Information about identification can be found at this link.

To be able to use eService, your personal information must be registered in the Unemployment Fund’s system and the eService must be enabled for you. If your personal information has been entered into the system, you can submit your first application online. If your personal information has not been entered into the system, send us secure e-mail with your name, personal identity code and name of the union you are a member in.

eService is available to you in Finnish, Swedish and English. Choose the language you prefer before logging in.

Technical requirements for using the eService

Erko’s eService can be used on any device; including mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads or other tablet computers.

Depending on the user’s browser- and security settings, eService should work with ease on any common web browsers.

If you encounter problems when logging into the service, please check your browser settings and also the settings of your anti-virus software as they can sometimes change after an update, preventing you from logging in.

Forms used in the eService are in html format. Any attachments sent to the Unemployment Fund using eService must be in pdf, tiff, jpg or png format.

Please note that the Unemployment Fund cannot provide users with guidance, opinions or advice users on matters relating to the operating system, browser or security settings of their own computer or, for example, a shared library computer. If you cannot access the eService on your computer, you can submit your earnings-related allowance application with the relevant annexes by post or secure e-mail.

Technical requirements for using the identification

The service has been designed to run on both computer screens and mobile devices. It may be used with different web browsers and their default settings. In most cases, you do not need to change your browser or its settings to use the service.

In order to use the service, the following must be enabled in the browser:

  • use of session cookies
  • TLS data encryption
  • execution of JavaScript command sequences

Additionally, the browser must support HTML5.

If you need support or assistance in using identification, you can contact Public Service Info. For the contact details, please visit

Deactivating eService

If you do not wish to use eService, you can deactivate it by sending an email to or by calling on (09) 7206 4343 Mon, Wed-Thu 12.00–15.00.