The amount of earnings-related daily allowance

Earnings-related daily allowance consists of a basic component that is equivalent to basic unemployment allowance, an earnings-related component based on your income, and (until 31.3.2024) a possible so-called child increase if you have children. In 2024 the basic component is 37,21 euros per day. 

The earnings-related component is generally calculated based on your taxable income from at least 26 calendar weeks that fulfill the employment requirement directly before your unemployment. Holiday bonuses and holiday compensation are subtracted from your total income. In addition, we subtract the equivalent of the annual rate of your employment pension contributions, unemployment insurance contributions, and the daily allowance portion of your health insurance contributions from your income. In 2024 this deduction is 3,76 % (4,40 % in 2023).

Please note! Amendments have been made to the Unemployment Security Act. Beginning 2.9.2024 the employment requirement and membership requirement will be 12 months, so roughly 52 weeks and the employment requirement will be accumulated based on paid wage income.

There are a few exceptions (for instance if you have been on partial childcare leave, job alternation leave, or partial disability pension) when the calculation of your daily allowance is not based on income from directly before your unemployment, but rather from the time before the aforementioned situation began. This is only the case if you have not accumulated the employment requirement in full after the situation in question. 

Until 31.3.2024 the so-called child increase will be paid for up to three dependent children under the age of 18. The payment of the child increase portion of daily allowance will end on 31.3.2024, after which the child increase will not be paid regarding days on or after 1.4.2024. The child increase will be paid for application periods 1.1.-31.3.2024 as follows:

  • 5,84 euros per day for 1 child,
  • 8,57 euros per day for 2 children, and
  • 11,05 euros per day for 3 or more children.

The total earnings-related daily allowance per day including the child increase can at most be 90 % of the daily income used to calculate your daily allowance and it must be at least the amount of basic unemployment income including the child increase. Read more about how the amount of earnings-related daily allowance is calculated.

Increased daily allowance

You can receive your earnings-related component with an increasement for up to 200 days while you participate in an employment-promoting service you have agreed upon with the TE Office and that is included in your employment plan. If the service is not included in your employment plan, increased daily allowance cannot be paid even if you participate in an employment-promoting service. 

Employment-promoting services are coaching for job seeking, career coaching, work or study trials, labor market training, independent studies, and rehabilitative work.  

Once the 200-day maximum payment period for the increased daily allowance is used up, the payment of earnings-related daily allowance will continue without the increasement.