Job alternation leave

Please note! The job alternation leave system is due to be terminated beginning 1.8.2024. The amendment regarding the termination is still under preparation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. According to the draft of the amendment, the way the amendment would enter into force would make it possible to begin a job alternation leave up until 31.7.2024. Job alternation leaves beginning in July 2024 could continue for the entire 180-calendar day maximum payment period.

Because the amendment is still under preparation, information regarding how the amendment will come into force is tentative and changes are possible as the matter progresses.

Job alternation leave is a voluntary arrangement in which

  • the employee is relieved of their work for a fixed-term and
  • the employer commits to hiring an unemployed job seeker for the same time as stipulated in the job alternation agreement.  

The substitute hired does not need to do exactly the same work that the person on job alternation leave has done, but the working time of the substitute must be at least as much as the regular working time of the person on job alternation leave and the substitute’s employment contract must start when the job alternation leave starts (at the very latest).

You can be on job alternation leave if your regular working time is over 75 % of the working time of a full-time employee in the field. In addition, you must meet the requirements concerning employment and work history.   

Job alternation leave lasts continuously for a minimum of 100 calendar days and a maximum of 180 calendar days. The leave must be an uninterrupted period and it cannot be divided into multiple parts. 

If you want to postpone your job alternation leave or either lengthen or shorten the leave period during your leave, contact your employer and the TE Office.

You can change the period of your job alternation leave by making an agreement about the new period before the leave begins. Lengthening your job alternation leave must be agreed upon at least 2 months before the originally agreed leave period ends.

Once your job alternation leave ends you have the right to return to your previous job. If this is not possible, you must be offered a job that corresponds to your previous job, or if this is not possible either, other corresponding work according to your contract.

Read more on the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland’s website.

Job alternation compensation chart

You can get an estimate of the amount of job alternation compensation using the job alternation compensation chart.

You can also use the calculator to experiment with the effects of income on the amount of job alternation compensation.