An applicant’s rights and responsibilities

When applying for benefits, it is your responsibility to give the Fund factual information on your application and on the attachments, you send along with your application. If you submit information that turns out to be false or you leave out information relevant to the processing of your application, the Fund will recover the benefits wrongly paid to you. Negligence to obey this responsibility to report necessary information can result in penal sanctions and expulsion from the Fund in addition to recovery of benefits.   

Promptly inform the Fund of any changes that could affect your right to benefits or the amount of benefits. Changes in income or changes in your family circumstances are examples of situations like this. 

If you do not report these changes, you may not be paid the benefits you are entitled to or you may wrongly be paid too much and the benefits will be recovered back to the Fund.   

Inform the Fund of any changes to your personal data or contact information. You can inform changes to your personal data or a new bank account number through the Fund’s eService. You can also update the information yourself in the E-service under the tab “Personal information”.