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Legal reservations

We at Erko strive to do our all in order to ensure that thee information provided on our website is correct and up to date. The decisions taken at Erko concerning allowances (aka benefits) are based on legislation and official regulations, not on the content of the website. Erko shall not be held liable for any costs or damages that possible errors in the content of the website may cause to users. Neither shall Erko be held responsible for any hindrance that technical problems may cause to users. Furthermore, Erko shall not be held responsible for the website content produced by other parties and to which there may be links on Erko’s website.

Compatability of web browsers and operating systems

Erko’s website has been designed and tested to be functional when using various common web browsers and operating systems in combination.

Should problems arise when accessing the Erko website, please try the following to resolve the situation:

  • Erase your web browsers cache memory
  • Shutdown the browser (all browser windows) and then start it up again, or
  • Reboot your computer.

If the problem situation persists, contact Erko by email:


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Attachments on Erko’s website are generally in PDF format. To read PDF files, you need to have a specific program, e.g. Adobe Reader. This program is available free of charge at the following URL: