Guidelines for eService

Using eService, which is provided over a strong security connection, you can submit your earnings-related allowance applications, update your contact information, monitor the status of your applications throughout the payment process, review any decisions made on your case, and contact the Unemployment Fund.

Technical requirements for using the eService – operating system, browser and file format

Erko’s eService is best supported by Windows operating system. Some of the Mac and Linux users can use eService with ease, but some users of these systems have had problems with sending either annexes or applications. In such case annexes can be delivered to the Fund some other way (i.e. by e-mail, letter or fax).

It is also possible to use eService on mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads or other tablet computers. However, for some mobile device users there might occur problems on using eService, if the online service does not sufficiently support the mobile device’s operating system. In such cases it is recommended to use eService with some other device, such as the library’s public computer.

Depending on the user’s browser- and security settings, eService should work with ease on any common web browsers.

If you encounter problems when logging into the service, please check your browser settings and also the settings of your anti-virus software as they can sometimes change after an update, preventing you from logging in.

Some eService users have reported occasional proxy error notifications. If the eService announces about a proxy error of e.g. in the middle of the form filling, the problem may be passed either by refreshing the browser or by choosing the form again.

Forms used in the eService are in html format. Any attachments sent to the Unemployment Fund using eService must be in pdf, tiff, jpeg, jpg or png format. You can upload at a maximum of 10 attachments at once. The maximum attachment size for a single attachment is 10 MB.

Please note that the Unemployment Fund cannot provide users with guidance, opinions or advice users on matters relating to the operating system, browser or security settings of their own computer or, for example, a shared library computer. If you cannot access the eService on your computer, you can submit your earnings-related allowance application with the relevant annexes by post, fax or e-mail.

Logging in

If you have used eService before, log in to the service with your social security number (remember to insert the hyphen and a capital letter) and a valid password. A password is valid until you either change it or request a new one by using your internet banking login details or by ordering one by post.

Log in (existing user)

If you have never used eService before but you have received benefits from the Unemployment Fund, or your application has been received by the Fund, you can request a new password by using Nordea’s, Osuuspankki’s, Danske Bank’s, POP Bank’s, Säästöpankki’s (Nooa) or S-Pankki’s internet banking login details. If you are a client in a bank other than those listed above, you can order a new password by post or by requesting it by e-mail from the Fund. To request a new password online, click the link ”If you have forgotten your password, please click here” on the login page.

Please note! If you request a new password by using your internet banking login details and copy the password from the appearing pop-up window, be careful not to copy whitespaces to the beginning or end of the password. The system interprets extra spaces to be part of the intended password and indicates that the password and user ID do not match.

Once you have logged in, you can change the password to what you want it to be. Next time you can log in by using your social security number (remember to insert the hyphen and a capital letter) and password.

Log in (new user)

To be able to use eService, your personal information must be registered in the Unemployment Fund’s system and the eService must be enabled for you. If your personal information has been entered into the system, you can submit your first application online. If your personal information has not been entered into the system or the eService has been deactivated for security reasons, you must submit your first application to the fund by post, fax or e-mail. Once your application has been received, your personal information will be entered into the system and the eService will be made available to you.

eService is available to you in Finnish, Swedish and English. Choose the language you prefer before logging in.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password and you have internet banking login details through Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, POP Bank, Säästöpankki (Nooa) or S-Pankki, you can order a new password by clicking on the link on the login page.

If you use a bank other than those listed above, you can request a new password by post or by requesting it by e-mail from the Fund.

Deactivating eService

If you do not wish to use eService, you can deactivate it by sending an email to or by calling on (09) 7206 4343 Mon–Fri 12.00–15.00.

Notification in the form of an SMS message concerning payment of benefits

The Unemployment Fund will inform you of the payment date of your allowance via an SMS message, assuming that you have submitted your mobile phone number to the fund. You will receive an SMS message notifying you of the payment date as soon as the payment has been processed. In this case, you will not receive a separate payment notification by post but you can access a more detailed payment breakdown in the online service. However, appealable decisions issued by the Fund are always delivered by post, even if they can also be accessed in the online portal.

If you wish to receive payment notifications and continuation applications by post, please deselect the SMS reminder from your profile. The Unemployment Fund will then send you payment notifications by post to the address designated by you starting from your next notification. You can still continue using the online service even if you choose to receive notifications by post.